?The amount to go to.
?The amount to start counting out.
?Amount already received.
?The number of intervals to count up to the goal (divide the goal evenly if possible). The maximum amount possible is given. max
?Alternatively a dollar amount to count up to the total. The minimum amount possible is given. min
?Title for the thermometer or your organization.
Image Path
?The path to the image you want to use. Alternatively if it is a local image drag and drop it into the input box (It will have a border when you are over it).
? If checked the image is placed above the text. ? The total floats up as the mercury rises.

Press H for the help menu
?The color of the thermometer default 4a7ebb
?The color of the mecury default f00
?The color of the the title if one is supplied
?The color of text in general
?The color of the page background
H toggles help menu
S shows settings menu
L launch a window to add
R runs the program ?Be sure to go to full screen first.
F add values onscreen ?The input box is not shown at first. This allows for the thermometer to double as a display until it is needed.